*These are hypothetical situations.

These events are actual however the benefits will be based on the policy and premium selected, as well as the events triggering the use of the Living Benefit riders. The illustrated results are not indicative of any particular situation and your results will likely differ from the results shown.


Sam, a family man, is diagnosed with a terminal illness at Age 58. He uses the money from the Terminal Illness Rider For experimental surgery which saved his life.


Mary, age 77 , becomes chronically ill. She can no longer stay in her home, so she moves into an assisted living facility. She utilizes her chronic illness rider which provides her with a monthly benefit of $2,500 to help pay for these added expenses.


Divorced with two children, Angela was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 35. She has a $200,000 death benefit. She uses her critical illness rider to access her benefits and withdraws $100,000. She used this money to pay for unpaid medical expenses and to replace income from not working.

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